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Originally Posted by R2mi View Post
Hi everyone,

There is a increasing number of eBay sellers who don't offer international shipping anymore ... and the worse thing is they actually block the auction so you can't even contact them. I was wondering why there are so many sellers who won't send overseas nowadays. I understand many of them have been ripped off by crooks, and I assume the new eBay policy doesn't help at all (helping buyers way more than sellers) but still ... i don't get it when someone doesn't want to send overseas even if the buyer is willing to pay for a secured registered s/h. Are you guys still afraid of dealing with foreign collectors ?

Any clue ?

This question probably can be answered many ways depending on the seller. But Im sure some of the reasons behind it..

-Too many scammers
-Too expensive to insure and ship
-Afraid of waiting time complaints
-Can lead to missing item
-Leave Negs for something out of their control (shipping / customs time)

And one that people forget way too often especially in the US. You have got fill out customs forms and go to the PO. IN the US, they can ship stuff right from their home where as the rest of us must go to the PO to send everything out.

For higher end cards I ship fed ex or Purolator. $84 per package. Either split the cost or I pay. Buyer never wants to pay for it for some reason.
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