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Default Cryptozoic Batman case break - hit style!

There are very few group breaks on here for non-sport cards. Everyone seems to really like the new Batman set from Cryptozoic so here is a hit draft for a case.

here's the website link:
DC Comics Batman: The Legend Trading Cards 12 Box Case - $670.00 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store

This is the breakdown from the Cryptozoic website:

Base Set: 63 cards featuring all-new original art of characters from the Batman universe
Chase Sets: Batmobile foil set (2:24), Batcave puzzle (2:24), Carnival of Criminals (1:24)
Inserts: Sketch cards (1:24 packs), Printing Plat cards (1:576 packs), and Foil Parallel cards (1:8 packs)

Everyone seems to get an extra sketch per case but you can't guarantee that as a hit just in case. If there are extra hits in the case after everyone makes their selections whatever is leftover will be randomized.

Here is how the hits will break down:

12 sketches - 12 hits

12 boxes worth of base - 2 boxes is one hit - 6 hits

Batmobile insert cards - 1 hit

Batcave insert cards - 1 hit

Carnival insert cards - 1 hit

All foil parallels - 1 hit

22 total hits instead of 24

Again if we get the extra sketch or a plate or redemption it does not increase the number of hits in this break. Extras will be randomized at the end as bonuses.

Price breakdown:

Case - $670.00

$670 / 22 = $30.46

$30.46 + $4.50 shipping and supplies + paypal = $36.50

$36.50 for the first spot and $34.50 for any additional spots

- The break will occur approximately 9 p.m. the day I receive the case. It
will be streamed and recorded via ustream. My channel is ifish73.

- The selections will begin the following evening to give everyone time to
view the break that participated.

- There will be a thirty minute timer placed on each hit selection. I will PM
the first person and once they make their selection they need to post in
the thread as well as PM the next person in line letting them know that it
is their turn as well as what their selection was to avoid more than one
person selecting the same hit.

- If you do not make your selection within the time frame specified you will
lose your spot and the next person in line gets to make their selection
ahead of you.

Times are flexible if participants agree by majority.

Let the fun begin!

1. Bigbadbloom *$36.50 PAID DELIVERED
2. jackal726 *$71.00 PAID DELIVERED
3. mcguirem13 *$105.50 PAID SOLD TO sketchcardn00b DELIVERED
4. txmike *$36.50 PAID
5. Gohansmy *$36.50 PAID
6. SteelPen2 *$71.00 PAID DELIVERED
7. ripandlist *$71.00 PAID
8. Peasofcrap *$71.00 PAID
10. aggie4ever *$71.00 PAID DELIVERED
11. The_Beast *$71.00 PAID DELIVERED
15. Mystafet *$71.00 PAID
17. Sushiyoshi *$36.50 PAID

Please send payment to my paypal address at Please pay with Paypal goods and just put 'Batman case' and your Blowout ID in the comments.

Thanks again to everyone for getting this done!
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