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Originally Posted by deltapi1049 View Post
Here is what I dont get. Ebay has been around for a LOOOOONG time, I mean I just got my 10th anniversary card from them. So, when you consider how much of the card business revolves around eBay, how is it possible that a guy who has easily 6 grand worth of cards in his bucket doesnt know that eBay is the best way to do this? Not only that, but doesnt have his cards up after last week?

Honestly, if Kaep is a PC guy, that's one thing. But he said he wants to sell, so why arent these up as we speak? This is just a c*** tease thread trying to get people to look at his collection. The vanity in this hobby has always been ridiculous, but this gets borderline insane.
Why are you so mean? lol. Cards are on ebay. I dont get why people here care so much about what someone else says. I never asked for any advice. I was simply gaging interest.
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