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Default UFC Hobby Boxes Question

I'm interested in picking up my first UFC box.

I've never purchased any sports boxes, only non sports. But I've browsed over the different boxes and it seems like there's a bit of an assortment if you want to buy a UFC box. My question is which box should I exactly go for?

Highly interested in having a good chance of pulling some big dollar cards, autos, relics, etc. Favorite fighter is GSP, and there's a handful more that are gradually up there. Want a chance to pull good cards, but want a box at a reasonable price. Also not sure what year box I should go for. I don't believe the 2013 boxes are out yet, so should I go with 2012? Or are there still a lot of good cards on the market in the 2011 and older boxes?

Info would help, links as well to the box if you want. Basically just what a noob UFC buyer needs to know or get.
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