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Default Come for the Black Luck, Stay For The Rest! 12 - 2012 Chrome Blasters (PHOTO HEAVY)

Today was an expedition day around northeast Ohio, going from Target store to Target store (4 in all) trying to find Topps Chrome blasters, and find them I did! I will be breaking them and updating this original post every half an hour or so until I make sure all the big hits get put on here. Keep checking back, everything will be FS (or if you have something REALLY awesome that I want, FT) except for the Cleveland Browns cards.

Before you read on, understand that I'm the type of person that almost enjoys breaking the packs more than actually collecting the cards themselves, which is sadistic, I know. I love football, though, and I love the chance of things like this. So come along and enjoy, as I know that I will!

Blaster Number 1-3 were from Massillon, OH.
Blaster Number 4-6 were from Canton, OH.
Blaster Number 7-9 were from Fairlawn, OH.
Blaster Number 10-12 were from Wadsworth, OH.

Blaster #1 Highlights:

As a Browns fan, I was pretty thrilled with this blaster. The Antonio Allen Camo is 148/499 and the Steve Johnson Purple is 349/499.

Blaster #2 Highlights:

I have so many Michael Floyd cards, it's insane, but this is my first numbered refractor, and the Purple is 221/499, while the Kellen Moore Camo is 431/499. Overall some decent base at this point, but nothing super to write home about.

Blaster #3 Highlights:

Ahhhh, there they are. Nice of Andrew and Robert to join us, plus Miles Austin refracts his way into all of our hearts not once, but twice. The black Miles Austin refractor is #'d 193/299.

Blaster #4 Highlights:

Ho hum, although my first Jurgensen. Lindley Purple 260/499, Dalton Black 146/299.

Blaster #5 Highlights:

Russell Wilson base? Check. Dwayne Allen Rookie Variation? Check. Dough Martin Xfractor? Checkity check.

Blaster #6 Highlights:

Russell Wilson in 2 straight blasters sounds like a winner. Gronk BCA is 117/399.

Blaster #7 Highlights:

Between the RG3 refractor, the LaMichael James tall boy, the Travis Benjamin Black (280/299), and the LeSean McCoy Purple (433/499), I was very pleased with this box, and thinking it was maybe about as good as I was going to do. In fact, right after that box, I said to myself 'Please, just let me get something of a low number, or an auto. SOMETHING that will stand above the rest.'

Blaster #8 Highlights:

LaMichael James base, Joe Adams die cut, Mike Vick Purple (069/499). Plus, what I believe to be my third refractors of both Miles Austin and Andy Dalton on the day (I think 2 base refractors and 1 Black refractor each). Pretty acceptable. Oh yeah, and this pretty little thing.

233/299. It looks almost perfect. I'm probably going to send it in to be graded.

Blaster #9 Highlights:

A big come down after the last box...but that'll happen. AJ Green Purple (013/499), Courtney Upshaw Blue (052/199). I did decide to buy the next and final 3 after hitting that Luck, because I figured why quit while I'm ahead? Other than the auto, I kind of wish I would have.

Blaster #10 Highlights:

I was waiting to get Egnew'd and it finally happened. To make it through 9 whole boxes without opening a pack where Egnew is the prime feature, it felt pretty good. Lamar Miller Camo (266/499), Roddy White Purple (186/499).

Blaster #11 Highlights:

Pretty happy about the Toon auto. I know a lot of people look for him. Steven Jackson Purple (222/499), Jimmy Graham Blue (190/199).

Blaster #12 Highlights:

Not exactly a thrilling conclusion. Victor Cruz Blue 139/199.

Still, I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope to again in the near future, and like I said up above, everything (except for the Browns stuff) is for sale, or in some extremely unlikely scenarios, for trade. Thanks for following along!
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