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Question Unable to see accepted best offer price - Good or Bad?

So, I notice that recently eBay has stopped showing the final sale price when an item is sold to a best offer. Now it just shows the asking price with a line through it and says Best Offer Accepted.

I'm interested to know what people think about this, both buyers and sellers (dealers especially).

I assume that if a seller lists the item as BIN/BO, they are willing to consider selling the item at lower than the asking price. I know that I generally look through a seller's "best offer" auctions to get an idea of what types of offers they have accepted before making an offer myself. Sometimes I end up putting in a lower offer than I was planning, because I see they are taking very lower offers. Other times I don't put in an offer at all, because I can see that what I'm willing to pay is below what they have accepted in the past and I don't want to offend them or waste their time. For me, taking this away means that I'm probably going to have more submitted best offers rejected, because I won't have anything to base my offer on and will probably start lower since you get 3 shots at it.

I also wonder whether or not this is permanent, or if it is just something eBay is trying out. I recall a couple of months ago that eBay was publicly showing the number of 'watchers' for each auction. I thought this was interesting and could work both for and against the seller. If there are a lot of watchers, I'm more likely to do a BIN or put in a bid (or a higher bid). If there are few or no watchers, I might take my chances that the item won't sell and might be relisted at a lower starting price. Anyway... it didn't last long and disappeared after a couple of weeks.
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