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Originally Posted by yalcos4 View Post
Ive broken alot of blasters lately..and the strata blasters produce alot more autos than chrome. Also, are the gold refractors available in blasters?..never hit a red or gold. Probably gotten 10-15 of each.
Yeah, Strata you can usually get an auto once every two to three boxes, but I just feel like with Chrome you can move it more easily. A Russell Wilson base RC in Chrome on the Bay seems to go for the same price as about 3 Strata base RC's. It's just a more favorable product this year.

As for your gold/red blaster question, I've actually never pulled a gold from ANY box, blaster or hobby, but the first blaster box I bought of Chrome this year, I pulled a red Brandon Boykin RC, and that's been the only red I've pulled in all the Chrome I've opened. So to answer that, yes, red is in blasters, but gold I can't really confirm.
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