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Alright guys I just want you to know how I figure out my prices. They are ALWAYS below ebay average based on most recent 3 sales! I don't care if I have to go back 3 months to get the 3rd sale I will use it. Then again if they were all in one day I will use those also. I take what the card sold for and what the S&H was to get the total sale because no matter how many fees the guy got taken out for selling the card that is still what the BUYER paid for it. I am not too lazy to put my cards on ebay but I will give you a better price than you will pay there on an average basis. I am not saying that there isn't one of the cards you could of bought lower at one time but ebay is fickle. I see the same cards sell in a $10 range most of the time. Sometimes same card will be $5 higher the very next day due to person listing it, feedback, time listed, and the reasons go on. Everybody has there favorite sellers and will pay more to stick with them and some people shill there listings which makes this selling thing way harder than it has to be but I guess we have to deal with them type of people. So if you are interested in my cards I will be more than willing to get you a price but I am getting tired of listing cards below ebay average and people on here being like well one sold for $2 why should you get $3. That is because the other 2 sold for $6. So if you don't like my way that is fine with me but that is how it has worked out best for me. So your price will be below ebay average on the last 3 sales. The Price I quote you for each card will be paypal dlvd for just that card. If you buy a lot of more than just that card I will deduct the shipping for each card you buy. I charge $2 per card shipping so if you buy 4 cards it will be $2 S&H total. If you buy one card today it will be $2 S&H and then if you buy another card after I have shipped that one it will be $2 S&H again. I only put DC on packages over $20 Cash Value so if you want it you pay the .75. I know it don't seem like a lot but I have probably shipped out almost 1000 packages over my 3 main card sites and ebay so if I put free DC on every package that is $750. That is a case of 2012 Certified! Shipping one package with DC is $2.85 with one card in a top loader and that don't includ the bubble mailer and top loader so you figure it is over $3 to ship and I only charge $2 so you are saving money there also which I look on ebay and you are hard pressed to find anyone under $2.50 and some up to $4. I charge $1.99 most of the time there. Sorry for the long explanation I just want to be clear so I don't waste a bunch of time today looking up and sending prices to people that are looking to resell. I don't have a problem at all with people that resell as I do it myself sometimes but those people I buy from are usually looking for quick money or don't want to spend their time listing on ebay so we do favors for each other. I am not out to do any favors right now, not saying it will never happen, just want a fair deal for both. Thanks and sorry again for the book!
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