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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
What I would do is this:
1. Start your own thread posting your successes and failures
2. Joing sportscardforums FREE site and check the feedback on their TTM section
3. Join startiger or one of the many free sites

Not trying to sound mean, but guys on here most likely aren't going to do your research for you. Here and there the guys will throw some help your way but there are tons of outlets and leg work you can do in the meantime to answer some of your own questions. I know it can be overwhelming at first and you don't want to throw money away but something like startiger might be worth the $5 a month for you. You might save money with not sending out to people like David Gerard who consistently only sons during the season. Also you'd be able to go type on frank gore, for example, and compare his returns from last year about this time since you know they went deep into the playoffs last year.good luck
Did that make you feel better?
You could have spent 1/10th the time and given your input about whether Frank Gore would sign and then suggest the guy buy a catalog of addresses, because no one wants to give out a bunch of addresses when they had to pay for the addresses.

This is a discussion forum, not a showoff forum. Some people are going to have legitimate questions about TTM autographs and want to discuss the hobby, not just have a 50 page thread about all of the autographs they have gotten.
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