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Originally Posted by panamamyers View Post
Did that make you feel better?
You could have spent 1/10th the time and given your input about whether Frank Gore would sign and then suggest the guy buy a catalog of addresses, because no one wants to give out a bunch of addresses when they had to pay for the addresses.

This is a discussion forum, not a showoff forum. Some people are going to have legitimate questions about TTM autographs and want to discuss the hobby, not just have a 50 page thread about all of the autographs they have gotten.
a) Looking at Gores page on SCF, the last success was 2011-10-28 and it took almost 6 months. Prob be better to choose someone else, it doesn't look promising.

b) You might want to look into buying a catalog of addresses or just use the SCF TTM Tracker.

c) As far as this not being JUST a show off forum...I agree but that is one of the best parts of this forum!

d) panamamyers, Lay off Dan...He has done ALOT for alot of people on this forum and he makes it fun to come here. He is an invaluable resource, but is getting tired (as am I) of people just coming over to this forum for just to post "Hey can I get that Address (because I don't want to take the time and effort look for it)? If I have taken the time and effort to search through college player profiles and search through The Official WhitePages - Find People to find an address, I would hope others could do the same.

rant over...
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