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Originally Posted by bjsports777 View Post
I immediately disabled International shipping from my items this morning once I found this out but considering going to calculated shipping + small handling fee. Don't imagine I will get many international sales. Needless to say, doubling the price is extreme and shocking. Leads me to believe USPS wants to minimize their International shipping going forward since this will severely reduce the amount of people who use USPS to ship internationally. This sucks - I just got into buying hockey cards again after a long long time.

What's everybody else doing?
I have gone back and forth with international shipping over the past coulple of years because I list a decent amount of hockey but most of it is low-end (team sets, base pick lots, etc.) but this is the end for the foreseeable future - no one is going to pay those shipping charges. I did the same thing you did - disabled int'l shipping and will not get back into it again.
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