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Yea those are a bit pricey..was looking more toward the lower $100 range. BUT, looking at the amount of hits you get as far as autos, relics, etc, it seems to be pretty good. I browsed eBay and saw one ending for about $130 and was going to just buy it. But from just asking the question in this thread today, didnt wanna make too spur of a moment decision lol. Figured if I don't see any others I'd want to buy, if there as good as I'm thinking, spending the extra $10-20 won't hurt.

Any other input would be great! So far just pretty set on the '12 bloodline

Aside from that bloodline box. What about 2011 Topps UFC Finest Factory box? Went into local sports store today and saw they were asking $109 for theirs but I see them on eBay for $75-80. Don't know if there worth it..probably might as well just spend a little more and get the 2012 Bloodline I spose
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