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The issue with superman, and I hear this same crap at the shop, is most of you (or so I am assuming for the benefit of this rant/POV)do not know the real superman, only this pseud-omnipotent deity that has been in print since the early 80's

Superman, to me, was the Superman of the 1940's Superman could fly, had Xray vision and was a patriot to the United states 1st and the world second. Superman would fight and could handle several henchmen at once,but wasn't powerful enough to destroy a city. He wasn;t powerful enough to single handedly end a war, to single handedly lift the golden gate bridge and fly with it....No Superman of the 40;s was a superhero but much like Spiderman in his feats of strength....that is the good superman, the realistic superhero and the Superman I think of when people ask me who is my favorite.

Todays superman has the powers of the Beyonder. He has the ability to do anything. Superman is so powerful he could fly back in time and create an alternate reality where no kryptonite exists......this is the retarded superman.

Superman Returns, the last superman movie, that was my Superman until the end. When he lifted that entire landmass,then he was the modern day superman from print...up until that point,yah, he was the superman of hte 40;s,the good superman and one of my Favorite heroes
Well put... classic Superman will always be my favorite.
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