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Originally Posted by jryan_711 View Post
I'm interested in trying a box but At the same time I'm worried about pulling 7 rated rookie cards worth about $10 each and a lower tier booklet only worth $20-25 as my 8 hits, After seeing some of the Prime Cuts Breaks, I wouldn't put it past Panini to pack out more than a few boxes like I've described
I just cannot see them doing that. They cannot let this fail otherwise, it really could be a one and done. This is their high end brand, I cannot imagine them letting it be that bad, if only for the fact that it could tarnish the name National Treasures for other releases. I think it was under-ordered and you really could see a case where they give you extra hits. Elite Extra Edition advertised six autos per box and ten per hot box. I've seen tons of regular boxes deliver 7-10 autos and hot boxes deliver 12+. Could be a different case, but I imagine if National Treasures is being under-ordered, EEE was also under-ordered. Gotta do something with those hits.
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