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True there is a ton of unopened still out there. The ratio of what's avail. vs. what gets lost to natural disaster/trash etc is so different that I dont see them becoming valuable in our lifetime. Maybe when one of my sons is near retirement they will become valuable. I used to think that when alot of the "junk era" generation dies off, many cards will get tossed. But now due to TV and interent, everyones a expert or collector or have the knowledge at their fingertips so I assume alot less will get tossed that would have otherwise.

I collected from '87 on and remember buying '90 D boxes for $14 at Costco and it seemed like a deal. Unsure how well known Costco is, but it's a huge bulk warehouse. In hindsight, a pallet of boxes or seeing packs at every convenience store should have got the gears turning that there was alot made but being around 15 all I could think was "Wow I'd love to have all those boxes!" Wish I had taken a pic. of those Costco pallets. Pretty neat sight for me as a kid.

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Hehe, now that I see your message, I'm going to look for that.

Also, to add to the thread, I really don't think the 80's and 90's will ever be valuable again, people are saying when collectors throw them out, etc. but, in all honesty there is some people that just won't throw them out, plus I've heard that there is still millions of upopened product from that era. There is SO MUCH of this stuff in peoples basement IMO.

For those that didn't collect from 87-93 or so, it was ridiculous, sports cards everywhere, I could understand the MAJOR overproduction!
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