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Originally Posted by panamamyers View Post
I absolutely agree.

Some people don't have a clue though.
Me being a librarian, I do my own independent research, but there are some things that are just not that intuitive.
Maybe the guy is lazy and wants to not have to do the work, maybe he just thinks that's how it works?
The first part of the question though, about whether Gore will sign right now, I thought, was a valid question that could have used valid input.

I just don't think there is ever a reason for you to be dismissive and rude to anyone at least until they prove that do not deserve your kindness.

Something you learn quick being a librarian, just because YOU have heard the question 1,500 times and might be tired of answering it, does not mean that the person in front of you right now has asked it 1,500 times.

Each individual should be given the benefit of the doubt in my opinion.
This is a good point. I probably should have either answered his question which is "no" or just ignored it. You're right I did come off pretty blunt. It wasn't my intent but I do see your point so OP I apologize. The answer is no, as far as I can tell Frank Gore isn't signing ttm anymore

And I apologize if my thread offends you in some way. It's also a resource for others on the site to use to see who is actively signing. I "piggyback" lots of threads, YouTube videos, other ttm sites, so hopefully by me posting my returns others can see who I have had success with recently and they can also have success from that person.

It is a little to show off, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't, but all the guys who actively contribute to this site and ask me for addresses through messaging usually get them. I'm not trying to hoard addresses or anything but it was getting to the point where guys like raider myself Hoosier I'm sure garpike etc were getting hammered with random people (with very little posting history on blowout) trolling the site messaging us for addresses.

Sometimes we probably police too much and need to back off or noobs won't join and contribute. And that's obviously what raiderguy and the originaters of the section intended. You were in the right to call me out.
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