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Default Update on Final 2 Owners

We are down to our last to owners from last year. I have spoken to YanksBillsFan - Masterson of my Domain. He wishes to come back to the league for 2013 but is stationed over seas, so he only has access on the weekends. I don't want to penalize him for his services, so I was wondering if you guys would be ok with accommodating him by having the draft on the weekends when he has access. He will send me over a list on Friday and we can go ahead and draft for him when he's not around (due to the time difference). If we start early enough, this will give us plenty of time to have the draft done by Opening Day.

As for, Lbsbigbro22 - Team, I have not been in contact with him. He actually hasn't signed in since mid December. Does anyone have any contact information for him? Maybe a personal email? If not, how long should we give him before we move on to another owner?

Please let me know your thoughts on the above.
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