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Originally Posted by Mke1984 View Post
For the 2012 or 2011 chrome? The 2011 super is on ebay for like 799 or something. Don't want to mess with it if I cannot get the canary and have the complete set. What to do..

Wonder if the guy you know would part with them...
2011, if I'm not mistaken he has both canary and super. He's a pretty laid back dude. He has an enormous collection of super low Freemans's. I wanna say he has around 10 big dollar 1/1's. he collects Freeman (and is usually my main competition when bidding) so I'm sure he'll want the better part of 799. He's cool with stuff as I've PM'd him to ask him not to bid stuff up and to see if we could share the newer stuff that hits eBay.
Nobody buys sh!t anymore here.
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