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Ok so here is my first real dry run test.

For information purposes. I have the press set at 195 degrees. It has a new cushion, and I used white gloss posterboard cut out over the pad, then I placed the comic between two pieces of regular white laser printing paper.

Comic was pressed for 5 minutes with heat on. I did not flip the comic (some do).

You DO NOT remove the comic from a dry heat press because at the cellular level molecules expaned and sudden cooling will cause the paper to curl and ripple. I left the book under the press for nearly an hour after I turned the head off.

Results: The spine roll is completely gone. Note: color break spine stress cannot be fixed. Only spin streeses that have not resulted in color breaks can be pressed out, I will show this on a newer comic (Superior Spiderman #1 Midtown that came to me in horrid shape will be later tonight)

The bad paper wrinkle on the back is completely gone as showing in the photo.

Dents and light scoring in the cover is gone as well.

I would say definite improvement.
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