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I've posted my thoughts on the matter at the Scoundrel forums so I'll copy and paste that over here :]

Originally Posted by OpticNerve
Just gonna toss in my two-cents as a sketch card artist.

I'm pretty in-between the fence when it comes to this situation and I do think that both sides have to take some blame for this situation. But... (and this will probably won't win me any favors when it comes to sketch card companies) I do think that a big chunk of the blame needs to lie with the company. Yes, they're just trying to make money, but they're making money at the expense of artists and collectors.

In a perfect world, sketch card artists who do quality work and are favored by fans and collectors should simply be paid more. Just like any other job, quality work that's in-demand SHOULD get rewarded somehow. It forces all these artists (myself included) to try and strive to do their best for each and every sketch card rather than just doing the most possible to meet some quota and deadline just to get by. It's a pretty well-known fact that sketch card artists get paid pretty horribly unless you're just constantly cranking out sketch card after sketch card and when you're doing that, the quality has to suffer in one form or another.

And I don't think that giving artists more AP cards is the solution given how hard it is for a lot of artists to sell their APs these days in this flooded market.

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