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Personally, I've decided to support the artists, and not the card companies. I don't like the way the card companies treat the artists or the customers. Since I collect cards for sketches only, it only makes sense to just spend my money on APs. On the other hand; I prefer sketches from official sets rather than commissioned work on the artists stock (which I still like to a degree). This is why I don't mind Rip and flippers; they help keep the cards coming.

As for artists putting the full effort into every card, I would refer to The 48 Laws of Power Law #5. "So much depends on reputation, guard it with your life". Your work is a reflection of you. I wouldn't sign with a company that would require me to sacrifice quality for quantity because it would reflect poorly on me in the long run. But to each their own.

Their are artists out there who constantly produce top notch sketches for every set they work on...those are the people it's hard to get APs from.

All that said, if you are an artist with APs available from any set, please PM me what you have available, or coming soon and I'd like to get on your commission list!!
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