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Originally Posted by tnarg View Post
Dang. Not sure how I'll survive.

I just find the double standards hilarious.

You leave a neutral feedback for a group break host that says:

"Nice packaging, shipping time was slow imo (10 days after group break) "

Yet you'll string everybody along til the last second on payment.

Just humorous.
Man just had to "unignore" you just to see what kind of dumb remark you put, since your obviously mentally challenged the host of this break clearly put a deadline to pay for the is break, now I was going to pay earlier but saw the idiot remarks you left and decided to wait till 1/30/13 to pay. And to answer your other dumb remark yes I left a neutral feedback if the break occured on a friday and it was a 2012 limited 15 box 1 pack a box break and I don't recieve my cards till 10 days later imo thats what the host deserved, now I can understand if its a case where the boxes contain like 24 packs but it wasn't I hope that clarifies everything for your clearly small feeble mind
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