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Originally Posted by Lak Lim View Post
Hi guys, I guess this will be my intro post to the non-sports section of Blowout Cards. I know I'm late in the discussion but I been reading the posts and just wanted to mention something I have not seen brought up. Not all artists who works on sketch cards are "sketch card people". By that I mean they may not be aware of the card community nor do they care. They work on sketch cards only as an assignment. And the only obligation they have is to the company that hires them. Which on contract only requires the artist to draw a sketch that needs to be approved. No more, no less. This is probably why we see some artists taking on such high volume work and produce quick sketches such as the one mentioned in this discussion. If you step back and see it from the point of view of someone NOT in the sketch card community. There is perfectly NOTHING wrong with the sketch when you consider what was contractually expected of the hiring company. Just thought I'd share a another possible perspective to this.
these type of artists you speak of who work on cards as an "assignment", do they do it purely for the money then? if not, they have no right to use lack of pay as an excuse as to why the quality is so low. even so, an artist producing the most basic sketches, precisely because they know the company will approve them, only end up hurting themselves. i mean, do they care about their work and how it is perceived, or is it just an "assignment"? as far as having to do quantity, i've seen sketches from an (EL) artist that were no better and sometimes worse then a (L) artist.

what can be done? companies could be more critical about what they accept. they could pay more per sketch, or instead give out more APs as an incentive for theses artist to do better quality work.

other ideas? make sure top tier sketch artists never do more than 50 sketches per set, including new artist of the same caliber.

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