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Is it normal for COMC not to review/post new classifieds over the weekend? I thought they used to do this. I've had one hanging since Friday afternoon and I'll like to recoup some credit for a PC pickup. The last one before that (during the work week) took almost a full 24 hours. These used to have 2-3 hour turnarounds. I'm not complaining, I just am curious on what should be expected so I can plan accordingly.

Hello, this is Nathan with COMC. Classified ads are reviewed at the beginning and end of each business day, Monday through Friday usually around 8am and 3pm PST. If you need your classified ad to begin at a specific time or on the weekend, please take advantage of the “Wait until specified date” option (located just above the “Preview” button when composing your ad).

We do have limited email coverage over the weekend as well so, if on a Friday after our business hours close you have a reason to list a port sale, please do so and also email us at letting us know and we'll try to have it up for you. This would also be a good place to take advantage of that specified date/time.
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