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Our stated odds for Wardrobe (dual or otherwise) is 1:24 packs.
But, since the Wardrobe collection is pretty large we increased the ratios a bit, but, the minimum you should be able to expect is one per box. Since the actual ratio is between 1 - 2 per box, we can't really say 1:12, it would make our customer service inbox a nightmare. But, you can anticipate a fair number of hits if you open a sealed case.
The Shelbot card - the reason his number is 1.1 and 1.2 is because the Shelbot is wearing the same shirt as Sheldon on 1.1. This is from Season 4, Episode 2, in which Sheldon is wearing his purple t-shirt, while his Shelbot is simultaneously wearing the same purple t-shirt. And to prevent worry, we received 2 t-shirts, so the cards won't be short printed.
LCS- If your local comic book store is not carrying our products, I encourage you to ask them to talk to their Diamond sales rep, or look through their latest edition of the Previews catalog. In addition to listing our standard items there, we are developing a series of exclusive items for Diamond as well. So, start talking to your LCS owners and managers!

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