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Default 3 Pretty Good Dollarama Prestine Pack Breaks

Hey everyone,

I'm not gonna go write all the junk I got. I'm just gonna post the 3 cards, or the 3 best cards, that was the reason I picked up these 3 packs. 15 cards per pack, about 4 average "newer" cards, and 11 junk.

First off, let's clue you to what they are by saying, who new ITG was now in H&P cards?

So... man was I shocked when I was rifling through the rack and saw a 2010-11 H&P Ryan Murray XRC! Second overall pick... really not bad!

Then I saw a 2010-11 H&P Tyler Seguin XRC. Another second overall pick... very awesome. I could not believe they would put those in these packs...

Until I saw this:

2010-11 H&P Ryan Nugent Hopkins XRC.

Totally worth my $3 IMO. And a bunch of other great crap good for TTM's

Thanks for looking
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