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Originally Posted by avjp87 View Post
not if an intelligent adult actually takes the time to gather information of what happened. this POS scams for a crap load of money and pretty much nothing happens to him, it's disgusting.
really hard to do much of anything when there is no name, address, email or, paper trail leading to a real person. I have to think that the hotel was scammed at this point too since he was living in one for a while and probably using fake ID's/credit cards. Not sure how there is nothing on any camera from the hotel or the ups store. I didn't fall for anything and I think I only posted in one thread one time.

This has to be one of the best nigerian type scams that anyone fell for. I'm still amazed at it. But hey maybe he was also mantei's g/f so we have that going too so there is another dumbass out there.

back to your point, I bet people just gave up and wrote it all off since we are a lazy breed and want someone else to do all the work for us.
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