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I can't stop reading this thread. Its like when I was flipping through channels the other day and stopped on "Honey Boo Boo"

Originally Posted by Rian Fike View Post
...and I still see this as a form of protest that could lead to an improvement in the quality of sketch cards in the future.
Rian - You really have your head in the clouds if you think this thread will improve the quality of sketch cards. That quality of sketch cards will not improve unless the 'acceptable standards' of the companies improve - this thread is not the way to get their attention. This thread certainly has reached a couple of artists - and I expect those that are currently doing their best will continue to do so and those that are turning in the bare minimum will also continue to do so...

If there is one thing this thread IS NOT - Its an inspiration to artists to do a better job for sketch card collectors. Quite the opposite, as many of the participating "art collectors" have shown our absolute worst sides.

Have to agree with Monkey. Wish this had been locked down - if only to prevent offending more sketch card artists than we already have.
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