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me & my wife are both doing it so we can support each other

Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
My Dad passed away from throat cancer 3 years ago. He had quadrouple bypass surgery in 1989 and while that didn't kill him it didn't stop him from smoking either. I remember him telling the doctor that he had been smoking since he was around 10 years old and that he would cut back but he couldn't stop completely. He picked up the habit while working with the older guys on my Grandpa's farm. My Dad was a big guy and it only took less than 3 weeks for him to succumb after it was detected. By that time it was 4th stage and at his age (70), with all of his health problems, he had no shot of beating it.
They put him through radition AND kimo and all it did was severly burn his tongue and make him spit up blood clots all day long. I finally had to o.k. them to stop the treatments because all it was doing was making him suffer even more. Aside from burying him, that was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.

Everyone in my family smoked except me and I married a smoker BUT I got her to quit 2 years ago. She only smoked a few cigarettes a day so it wasn't as hard for her as it would be for someone who smokes a pack or more a day.
Good luck to you. If you don't quit for yourself than do it for your family as its just as hard on them watching you suffer later on in life.
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