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Originally Posted by BigEd View Post
Gee, thanks!

Anyway, I don't have matter-of-fact opinions about any of it because its impossible to know if it really happened. Braun appealed it and won, so how can I know for sure? And if someone like Yasmani Grandal gets busted and says sorry, how do I know he's not just saying that so he can serve the suspension and move on? Its appalling and disgusting to me that players would cheat as much as its obvious they do, but I can't draw opinions on these guys without proof. There's just too much we don't know.

All that said, I'd be pretty upset if one of my favorite players was busted for PEDs. While I wouldn't be able to say for sure he broke the rules, I'd have a hard time trusting him after that.
Lol, I didn't mean any ill feelings with that.

You're mentality is what I expect people to have (and not too far from my own opinion, if you care what it is ). I mean, it's clear that some people are juicing and some people aren't. But (as I said before) I just wanted to see if people have already consider these two to be drug users now that they've been linked, kinda.
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