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Default 13 Mid-High End cards FS!!! (PMG,EXQUISITE LeBron auto,PRIZM GOLD)

Boozer auto letterman booklet #/5 $110 OBO!!!
David Lee Gold Prizm (1st time 2013 all-star) $170 OBO!!
LeBron Exquisite Auto (pulled with damage on top left corner of card) $175!!!
Tony Parker National treasure auto #1/49!! SOLD!!!
Steve Nash auto/relic $125 OBO!!!

Morris Jersey number #1/10 $70 OBO!!
Arnett Moultrie #1/10 $110 OBO!!
Tim Hardway PMG #/150 $35 OBO!!!
Jeremy Lin RC auto blue patch variation $125 OBO!!!!
Kevin Love auto #/10 $60 OBO!!!
Kevin Love Threads dicut auto SOLD!!!
Tony Parker Threads dicut auto SOLD!!!!
Erving Retired Spectrum #1/10 $60 OBO!!! (none on ebay)

Aldridge Set $115 obo!!!

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