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Originally Posted by Johnnycoldcuts View Post
Chezball is right. There may be an out here for us card sellers. I put in "Large Envelope" for "2oz" (single card is right around 1.10 oz. with bubble mailer). This is what popped up on shipping calculator on

International Price Calculator

See bottom detals and price under "First-Class Mail® International Large Envelope"
If you dig a little deeper into this, it says that the envelope "must be flexible" - here's the link:

240 First-Class Mail International

That could mean the buyer gets a creased card. The choices aren't good - you can either risk having the card get damaged in transit (which can happen even with a bubble mailer if they try the "flex test" shown in the picture) or you charge $7.50 in shipping and no one buys your card. Which way you go depends on the value of the card and how much of a stomach you have for risk.

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