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Default Topps Redemption/CS

So, posting this before I ever receive my replacement so this will be an honest feedback to go off of. For once I called topps and spoke with a gentleman (the first guy I have spoke with at topps I will call this) and got to a resolution on my problem with a 2011 topps Allen Ginter Jake Lamotta framed relic redemption I have wanted for some time. So, previously I was told by two females and another male (within the past 8 months) that they were still waiting on the relic, and another response was they have the relic and were waiting to make the card............ Well whoever I got today just told me strait up (answer I would prefer) "we never received the relic so we can not make the card, what can I do to help." I work in retail, so I get it, #@#@ happens just handle it when it does. Not thrilled I can not get my HOF boxer but still not disappointed because he is going to try and make it right. ( I have bashed topps CS before this experience ) I told him some of my choices : Matt Moore, Tyler Skaggs, Jackie Bradley Jr. (I am from sc). So here I am waiting the 3 weeks he told me and I will let you guys know what comes in. This doesnt have to be followed or anything just writing this so people can read the experience I have as it progresses. Cheers to whoever I got on the phone today, horrible I did not catch the name
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