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Originally Posted by unamuzd1 View Post
Ah, I see that the level of intellectual discourse is about as low here as it is on most of the internet.
Surely this was an absurd statement:

Originally Posted by unamuzd1
A human being exposed to its natural environment can be expected to live decades. Cardboard exposed to the environment will decompose in about two months. There is nothing inherent in the construction of a card that would lead us to expect it to out-last the life of its creator.
Unless you think that art is stored in swamps and forests with no care given to it. It wasn't a "pointless personal attack" it was asking what on Earth that "hole of logic" has to do with my argument? I mean, along your line of thought we can argue that art as a whole is completely worthless since it doesn't bring in the harvest ... ? What the heck does environmental hostility towards humans and art have to do with this discussion? Hence, that is the reason I found it absurd and vapid. We have clearly overcome these restrictions on lifespan for both humans and art!

Ah, and I leave holes you could drive a truck through yet you just state your opinion and back it up with absolutely nothing. Which position contributes more to the discussion at hand?

Originally Posted by unamuzd1 View Post
This does explain your signature a bit.
Ah, the perceived ad hominem attack is met with like response. I see you hold yourself to higher standards. Enjoy your religion and politics!
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