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Originally Posted by bullrat View Post
With PO the amount you pay really depends who the postal employee is. Slacker is good, stickler for rules bad.

From my understanding and the shock I got Monday, when shipping international if a bubble mailer is rigid it has to be shipped as a package - mailed 3 oz to Canada Monday cost $7+, Sunday would have been $3.30. With a card you want the package to be at least top loader rigid - some PO workers will hit you for rigid with a top loader and others will not. Just have to find the slacker - remember in the post office world slacker is good & stickler bad.
You need to watch out for this comment. I happen to know exactly how to send mail with proper size by fitting them in mailers in the correct size. Because I do this the rate at which I send stuff is cheaper. But over on the basketball boards, they consider this Mail fraud and called me out on it. I think its pathetic that its considered mail fraud to pay the correct fee and not a lazy over inflated fee.

They also said I committed a crime for stating on a US customs form "Card in Plastic" because I happen to declare the sportscard a "card" and the toploader and penny sleeve a "Plastic".

Just to note to CDN buyers, you can use Xpress Post pre paid envenelopes to send small items in Canada and US. THe US porition is dependant on delcaring contents for customs.
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