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Originally Posted by cardshopmd View Post
i am going nutz though any one else quit if so what worked best for you
right now i will try anything to make sure i quit for good this time
My dad started smoking in his teens. He died of cancer at age 54. I was 30 at the time. My dad never had a chance to meet his grandkids.

I started dipping Kodiak in my teens. Even after my dad died I continued to dip. Sometime between when my son was 1 and 2, he pointed at the cup I was spitting chew juice into and asked me what I was doing. I realized at that moment, if I died at the same age as my dad, I wouldn't see either of my kids graduate from high school.

I spit out my dip. I flushed my tin down the toilet. I threw my spitter cup in the garbage and never looked back. That was close to 8 years ago.

If you can't quit for yourself, quit for the people you love. Draw your strength from them.
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