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Originally Posted by justice41 View Post
Repetition is not arguing, it's badgering, It's pointless, it kills true discussion and it exposes real motivations.
There's nothing wrong with reiterating your point. It doesn't mean there is any intent to badger someone who holds an opposing view. Some of us are just trying to keep this debate on track, and hoping that we get more input from other board members. If people are unable to accept someone elses pov, then perhaps they shouldn't be participating in this thread, that goes for consumers and artists who rage over this subject. Lets try to keep it a friendly discussion.

There seems to be 3 sides here:
1) It isn't right to erase a sketch. The artists are only doing what the company is paying them to do. Afterall, it's just a "sketch".
2) The company needs to be held accountable and there are artists who should be ashamed of themselves for doing such poor quality work.
3) If you payed for the card, you should be able to do what you want with it. Including but not limited to, altering the sketch with or without the intent to resell.

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