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leeex1, hey man how's it going! No not at all... been collecting him for a very long time. Can't really remember when I started collecting him more seriously. Back in 2000 I pulled his Spx RC/500 and ever since then i've liked Francis as a player. Just didn't pick up any high end as they were going real high. Years later when the prices dropped did I start picking up the higher end stuff. I enjoy collecting him for many reasons... Thanks man, the collection is coming along very slowly. Something to keep me busy. Are you still collecting him?

whalechaser. Thanks! Good luck with the Brand, these are very rare. They didn't have any odds of pulling them, they were very random, as they are numbered low. Or at least very low for back then, and I still think today. They don't make very much hat cards, so I can see people stashing these away.

Wings, thanks! Tell me about it... Many great memories.

thewild3, beauty! Looks like they all signed their hats.

bettydaw1970, yes, these were a very big deal back then, and I think they're still today with the older collectors. Just don't have much competition in bidding as many people just simply forgot about them, thus no searching. I don't think the Francis Spx RC/500 will ever be one of those $5 BIN's haha. That is as classic as a card can come! What started the autographed RC Part of history right there.
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