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Default 30 Topps 2011 value box break...

I couldn't resist this Superbowl promo since its been some time since last opening these red rectangles of fun. Now I know what it feels like to not hit anything as others were saying while myself and a few others were killing these with monster hits. Anyway I did have fun, I did get a Superbowl entry, and I did take a monster kick to my scrotum which served to at least make me not want to open anymore for a long, long time.

First the Harper refractors:

24 red and 6 silver, where are the gold ones?

Then the Topps Update Series Trout RCs...only 2? Out of 1200 cards only 2 Trout RCs, one Bobby Abreu sapphire and one Jose Valverde All Star jersey...OUCH!!!

Bowman Chrome hits:

Lars Anderson blue refractor RC /150

Cutter Dykstra auto

Jean Segura refractor /500 auto.

I guess you could say the autos fell in line with hobby box hits since a box is 18 packs and I hit 2 in 30. I think the biggest surprise was the Harper refractors since I remember a case of 16 had 10 reds, 5 silvers and 1 gold. My odds were horrible there. Thanks for looking...
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