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This is a question and answer from that auction:

Q: You ever heard of a fellow who picked up a fantastic card a few years back. It was a quad cut with 4 of the best cut autographs out there. He later found out they were not all real. Sad story really. Nice collection sir. I'm sure you deserve every card and then some. Good timing on that Tiger Woods by the way. Dec-23-09

A: Thank you very much for your interest in my auction. As you know, the stipulations as set forth in the “Card Exchange” agreement between me and Upper Deck do not allow me to divulge the details of this agreement. However I am allowed to state that: “The Upper Deck Company truly stands by their products. We have worked out an agreement, involving an exchange of products, which is mutually beneficial. I believe that Upper Deck creates and produces some of the best products in the industry and that they continue to be pioneers in the field of authenticity. I will continue to collect Upper Deck products without reservation” Thanks again - Kev
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