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Originally Posted by bullrat View Post
I'm going to try an envelope tomorrow to Canada. Will let you know how it turns out.
it will turn out fine just use a stronger security style envelope- available in bulk at most office supply stores (Costco is where I get mine). I wrap the plastic holder cards (inside a team bag) in a sheet of paper and secure at both ends with tape so it does not slide out. Insert into envelope. Seal and then I secure with standard clear packing tape on both sides. One or two cards fit nicely in here and the rate should be a lot lower than the $6.55.....I have done this on and off for the last 9-10 years to CA and worldwide for that matter, never had any issues, had a few guys bitch at me for a PWE but my process is hardly that. This is one of my workarounds for sure and I will clearly state in the item description that this is how single/double cards will come. Even the lower point sized jersey/hit cards should be a go this way. I really doubt the CA buyers want to be paying $7.00usd for S&H for 2/3/5/10 buck card auction wins. After I got over the shock of my Monday shipping experience I have begun to think about workarounds, this is certainly one of them, without CA and Euro buyers I am toast on fleabay. Best part of what I just described; no customs form is required thought it might be prudent to still fill one out.

Good dialogue here fellas- lots of great ideas and comments.......keep the thoughts coming.........
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