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Default 100 Shipment Project

Well, I feel like I have had a lot of things on my plate lately (card wise).

I have a full case of 2012 heritage completely opened and not a single card sold, 6 to 8 half sets or insert lots I've been meaning to sell for a long time and haven't, some nice cards I picked up from quick sales or cheap BIN's with the thought of reselling and a few other things.

If you saw from my last post I even have stuff I cant sell at $.99 so I will give it away to get it out of here. I have recently moved and don't even have all my cards here but don't want to get buried in what I do have here.

I am looking to do a 3 to 5 case break of 2013 heritage in March. My goal is to send 100 shipments of cards. Whether it is one card or a flat rate of a 1,000.

I thought maybe getting my thoughts out might motivate me. Well, I have two packages (freebies) next to me ready to go.

If you guys care I will keep this updated and maybe post of some more freebies also. Thanks for the semi pointless read. Have a good night!

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