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Originally Posted by death2redemptions View Post
----- Included in the notes was a $1,000 order for Aminorip, a muscle-building protein. However, none of the ingredients listed in Aminorip is on MLB's list of prohibited substances. On Wednesday, the Miami New Times released a new document that listed Gonzalez's name next to a list of ingredients for "pink cream," a synthetic testosterone. Testosterone is on MLB's list of prohibited substances.
General manager Mike Rizzo said in a statement: "The issue is currently being reviewed by Major League Baseball and it would be inappropriate for the Nationals to comment until that review is completed." ------

Doesn't sound good for Gio
to be fair, MLB cannot and will not issue suspensions based on scribbles in a notebook.
for all we know, this could be a farce by some disgruntled ex-employee.

you seem to have it out for Gio.

i hope the other 13 players include some Braves, you need something to put you back in your place.
what would you do if Chipper Jones was on this list?

i read this comment on yahoo!, thought it was funny, and it applies here as well: As I commented yesterday - if Gio gets 50 games for this, give me a notebook, a pen, and the Braves roster.

Bosch’s attorney, Susy Ribero-Ayala refuted the New Times report in a statement Tuesday, saying it was “filled with inaccuracies, innuendo and misstatements” and Bosch “vehemently denies the assertions that MLB players such as Alex Rodriguez and Gio Gonzalez were treated by or associated with him.”
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