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Default 2 Boxes Galactic Files, 4 Boxes Batman- the Force was with me!

At the Royal Oak Elks show today I busted two boxes of Star Wars Galactic Files and four boxes of Batman.

the first box of Star Wars I pulled the sketch almost immediately and was sick to my stomach cuz I got Shummed. I'm sure Howard Shum is a nice man and has great qualities- maybe he does lots of charity work or helps out at soup kitchens but man oh man do his sketches blow! Total dreck that literally looks like a four year old's scribbles.

so at this point I was hoping for an auto or at least a decent red parallel. I got the red parallel but unfortunately it was of Admiral Ozzel so nothing great there. And no auto either but lucky for me the manufactured patch was one of the better ones:

that card typically sells 25-40 so not too shabby there.

I moved on to the second box and again almost immediately hit the sketch- a little better this time but again nothing to jump up and down about:

IG-88 by Tod Allen Smith

hit another red of some vehicle or another and was down to the last few packs when I got an autograph......

very happy with this one- goes into the PC with the Carrie Fisher that I pulled a little while back.

onto the Batman boxes. Didn't get a print plate or redemption or anything fancy like that nor did I get lucky and hit any extra sketches but I think the four that I did get are fantastic!

Upper left is Magpie by Patrick Finch, upper right is Bruce Wayne with cool Bat symbol in background by Ramsey "Raz" Sibaja, lower left is Bat-Girl (or is it Bat-Woman or someone else?) by Daniel HDR and finally lower right is obviously Batman but I can't make out the artist- can anyone ID that signature?

thx for the look!

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