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Originally Posted by Brad View Post
No more forums need to be added. There are enough the way it is. BO shouod look at consolidating some of the existing ones, not adding more.

And some of you want vintage sub-forums for each sport, and for B/S/T and general hobby forums? LOL. Get real, folks.

Label your threads correctly and people will find them if they are interested.

And BO is smart enough to realize that bribing people with free cards to post != legitimate interest.
We should get real??? C'mon, really? What makes you think that they should start consolidating some of the existing ones?? Are these sub-forums bothering you? Does it hurt your brain seeing more than one sub-forum? Really whats the reason you think this? Really doesn't make any sense to me why you would be against it! What the heck is it going to bother you? If you dont like it simply dont click on the sub-forum listed as VINTAGE SECTION!
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