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Default Waste of time

There is a member on here who I have probably dealt with 10 times in the past. Everything went smooth, I spent quite a bit of money on him over the years.

This members name is Jtayne1323 AKA John Tayne.

Over the last two months we have agreed to 2 trades, 2 seperate occasions and BOTH have happened the exact same way (or didn't happen the same way ..)

It first started when he listed some Tannehill Chrome inserts a while back. We made a deal for those and we were going to exchange addresses. Well 18 days went by and nothing at all. I sent a few messages on here and no reply. After sending messages on ebay he replied over a month later.

He told me he couldn't log onto blowout for some reason and didn't check his eBay messages often even though he was listing like 10 things a week (which included some of the items we dealt for). Anyways I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we started negotiating again. Got a deal finalized for some cash and cards for his cards. He told me I could wait to receive since the last deal went bad. Anyways I gave him my address and asked for the DC # in the morning. 14 Days later and I have not heard from him since.

IDK if he will ever come back on this site, but do not waste your time with this clown.

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