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Default LeBron James to Cleveland - Cavs Assets Post

I’m bored – so it’s time to play everyone’s favorite game – CAVS roster if LeBron comes home to Cleveland. Is everyone excited? You say it’s only a 20% chance he comes back to Cleveland? Well then stop reading now – because I’m about to get real annoying with the rest of my post and it’s going to be long. So not worth your read.

Let’s just say – because if I didn’t this post would be dumb as this is obviously all hypotheticals – that the following happens – and this isn’t grasping at straws – these could certainly happen.

Cavs finish with a Top 3 Draft Pick (which is probable considering their current record as 3rd worst in the NBA) – The Top 3 are probably going to be Noel/McLemore/Muhammed in some order…for this exercise those are the Top 3.

Lakers squeak into the playoffs as an 8th or 7th seed (not probable – but for this exercise it is) – Thus the Cavs get their draft pick in the 15-20 range. If the Lakers don’t get in the playoffs the Cavs get the Heat’s first rounder – so we have 2 first rounders either way. Just a matter of a 15-20 pick or a 28-30 pick.

Anderson Varejao doesn’t have his legs cut off because of injury – and the Cavs decide not to trade him as his contract is cheap going forward and he’s locked in for 2 ½ more seasons.

And the kicker…

LeBron decides to opt out in 2014 to at least LOOK at his options (and Wade will be aging quickly as he is now)...and he sees Kyrie Irving, who by 2014, might be a Top 5 player in the game (and better then Wade – which he probably already is)

LeBron sees this roster:

PG – Kyrie Irving
SG – Dion Waiters
SF – LeBron James??
PF – Anderson Varejao
C – Nerlens Noel (1-3 pick this year – I’m taking the defensive guy – the Cavs don’t have problems scoring. They can’t stop anyone)

Tristan Thompson, Alonzo Gee, Tyler Zeller, Josh Shelby (I think he sticks around), James McAdoo (who most mocks have going around 18-20 – so using the Lakers pick)…and filler…Shaun Livingston might be brought back, Wayne Ellington, Boobie Gibson, whatever…

LeBron wouldn’t have interest in a team like that? The best PG in Basketball, a #1 pick at Center, two #4 overall picks in Waiters/Thompson, his buddy Anderson (who was leading the league in rebounding when he got hurt) and then young pieces in Zeller/McAdoo to bring off the bench?


Cavs have MAX Cap space. They have almost no money truly committed going forward and Kyrie/Waiters/Thompson will be after LeBron - so as long as Gilbert will pay the tax (which he would for LeBron) it's not as if players will bail after signing a max guy. Gilbert can still pay mor ethen any other team for our young guys. Basic cap stuff as everyone knows. So if LeBron doesn't want it then maybe someone else does. The point being they are completely flexible. Hence getting a lottery pick and players basically from Memphis for free just to take back some contracts that Dan Gilbert will pay for one year and dump. No big deal. Doesn't change the cap at all.

Cavs still have Sacramento’s first round pick from the Hickson trade (lots of protections – but it’s still an asset – maybe more of a trade asset but it’s still another first rounder), and Memphis’s first round pick (very few protections – could easily be a lottery pick for anyone that saw the trade last week)…AND they have at least 2 2nd round picks in every draft up until 2016 from various trades…just more assets. The Cavs have, and I'd have to double check the math based on protections, 14 picks over the next 5 seasons between the 1st and 2nd round from various trades. I realize 2017 won't matter to LeBron - but it's just assets.

No chance you say? That’s fine. I’m just bored and wanted to get it on paper. I’m not going to argue back and forth with everyone that says “NO WAY LEBRON GOES TO CLEVELAND” as that’s not really the point of this post. It might only be a 5% chance. Who knows - but anyone that simply says "Cavs suck" didn't read this post at all and is showing their ignorance of the current team situation.

This was more of showing the assets the Cavs have accumulated, along with young players they’ve got, that show what the options might be for LeBron in 2014. It’s a lot better than the Antwan Jamison/Larry Hughes years.
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