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Originally Posted by 440shane View Post
If I may add to this. I have FIRMLY believed all along after it was discovered that James, Wade and Bosh decided to team up in Miami during the Olympics, that they would all take the same deal, go to a place like Miami and win games and titles and basically party it up like 3 friends going away to college together. Then after 4 years, they will ALL opt out and ALL return "home" and see who can win more titles when they retire. Wade will go to Chicago to play with Noah and Rose, Bosh will go to Houston to play with Harden and Lin and LeBron will go back to Cleveland to play with Kyrie and company. Does anyone think its a coincidence that Houston, Chicago and Cleveland all lack one key component to their starting 5's? Chicago needs a SG-Wade, Houston needs a PF-Bosh and Cleveland needs a SF-LeBron. It all makes way too much sense to be happenstance in David Sterns "frozen envelope" driven drama league, known as the NBA.
Honestly wouldn't surprise me.

Forget the city of Cleveland. Everyone hates on Cleveland. I get that.

Just look at the players. You're telling me that LeBron/Kyrie/Noel (or plug in your favorite Top 5 pick here) - and don't even count Waiters/Zeller/Thompson + other picks if they progress as we all hope - can't be as good as LeBron/Wade/Bosh?

I don't think people truly realize how good Kyrie is since the Cavs aren't on TV all the time. A "Top 2" of LeBron/Kyrie will be better then LeBron/Wade by 2014. It's not even a question in my mind.

So is Bosh better then all the young pieces and picks the Cavs will have?

It's not the Donyell Marshall and Delonte West days anymore. The Cavs have legit assets AND a Top 5 overall player in the league (IMO by 2014) - They've never been able to offer that to LeBron before.

Now they can.

Also always makes me laugh that people think LeBron would never "come home" ignoring the fact that he still lives in Akron for most of the year.
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