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Originally Posted by cking View Post
Yes. What I dont understand is this. If you are not gonna pay for something you said you will take then what exactly did you mean by "I will take it" ? Again I am being serious. Not one person on this forum has given me an even somewhat logical answer to my question. So I will repeat it again. If you come into someones thread and say "I will take it" but you have no intention of paying then what did you mean by "I will take" ? I am all ears here. Someone enlighten me. I am college educated and I am stumped on this one.
It's the haiku method, take cards and give nothing in return or they are just trying to hold up from someone else getting so it goes for cheaper (maybe they have ebay auctions or comc cards they want to sell for more)

Other things I have learned over the last 24 hours:

Ray Lewis/the almighty has 6 kids w/5 women - cromartie syndrome
Monster Kona Blend is pretty darn good
I still don't know anything about USPS pricing going up
Saying or typing P R I Z M will get me blocked by grant
Chipperrrooonie is back for now
Pack searchers are so dumb to advertise on here
There is still a shooter at large in AZ, where recent updates show his rental car was located pretty much in my back yard.
Having a cake tasting before dinner is right in so many ways
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