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Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
I learned that a certain member who may or may not have a crush on migraine claims to be religious (per Boston's quoted thread), but yet, has passed some very crucial judgements on various members of this board (present company included) without actually knowing a thing about them or their situation.
I have learned this member loves to troll my posts. He also takes certain things and demands they be his own when they in fact are not..

Sorry friend none of us are without sin. Im am indeed critical of people in todays society. You are one to speak about judging others. You have judged someone to the point of taking their god given rights away and calling them your own. I would NEVER want to walk in your shoes. We have lost children twice, I know how that feels. I would never take and keep away from someone else knowing the pain it has caused. You have stated the family of your foster child wants their kid back. Enough said.

You keep coming at me Ill keep telling you how I feel. Funny you dont block me or ignore me. You must like the drama. Well there ya go.
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